Day Trip to Essaouira

Essaouira is located 2 hours and half driving west of Marrakesh on the Atlantic cost. Archaeological research shows that Essaouira has been occupied since prehistoric times thus formerly it was known by Mogador, it got this name since the Phoenician time and before the Portuguese in the 16 century.

If Rabat is the Administrative capital of Morocco, Casablanca is the Economical Capital, Fes is the spiritual Capital, Meknes is the Esmaili Capital, and Marrakesh is the capital of palm tress. However Essaouira is the capital of Art. Essaouira has always been a cradle of artists of all genres and poets, scientists artists flocks to it for centuries. For instance: Jimi Hendrix song “ Castles Made of Sand “ was written two years before he visited the castle of Essaouira. Although, since the 1988 the Gnaoua Festival of World Music is held in Essaouira, normally in the last week of June. It brings together artists from all over the world. Although focussed on gnaoua music, it includes rock, jazz and reggae

The Medina of Essaouira is home to many small arts and crafts businesses, notably cabinet making and ‘thuya’ wood-carving (using roots of the Tetraclinis tree), both of which have been practised in Essaouira for centuries.

After arriving to Essaouira you would enjoy walking in its beautiful narrow street of the Medina, where is a combination of Moorish Arabic and Portuguese architecture with a Jewish quarter, in this city you would taste the famous grilled seafood.

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